Sugar Mill RV Park Loyalty Program



21- 27 nights
one night free
11-20 nights
20% off one nights stay

6-10 nights

15% off one nights stay




What is the loyalty program? 

It is an incentive to those who stay with us at Sugar Mill. The more nights you stay at Sugar Mill, the closer you get to the next level! Gold (stayed with us for 21-27 nights), Silver (stayed with us for 11-20 nights), Bronze (stayed with us for 6-10 nights). Each incentive can be used only once.


 How can I join? 

All customers that stay with us at Sugar Mill are automatically enrolled!



Can I use other discounts with the loyalty program

No, this discount cannot be combined with any other offer.



Can I make a reservation in advance and use this discount? 

Yes, we encourage advance reservations.  


How are the days being calculated? 

The days are calculated based on customer stay during the 2011 calender year.


I don't want to be on the loyalty program list, can I be taken off? 

Yes, you can be taken off the list by E-mailing or