Park Etiquette



·    It is your obligation to read and observe park rules.

·    Guests are welcome and must register before going to a site.

·    Only one camping unit at a site. Boat trailers, trailers, etc. must be stored in storage area.

·    Changing sites cannot be done without authorization from office.

·    Children may visit and be supervised at all times.

·    Quiet time-10:00 PM to 8:00 AM

·    Pets are welcome: must be kept leashed and picked up after. Violators, if caught, will be charged    an additional fee of $50.00 for clean-up. Never leave pets unattended. Pets are not allowed in the clubhouses or bathrooms.

·    Responsible behavior is expected. The management reserves the right to refuse entry to or dismiss any person and their property from the park.

·    Please respect others. Do not walk through occupied sites-we treat occupied sites as our homes.

·    Check-out time is 11:30 AM

·    All sites must be kept clean and tidy. Boats and trailers are to be put in the storage area at a charge of $30.00 per month. 

·    No "For Sale" signs in any R.V. or park model. Get office approval for any other "For Sale" sign placement.

·    Firearms/Fireworks are absolutely not permitted in the park.

·    No soliciting in the park, and no advertising signs or banners on any site.

·    All plantings and permanent site alterations must remain when the site is vacated.

·    Shed may be no larger than 8' X 10' and be screened in on at least 2 sides by white vinyl panels - No lattice work.

·    Water lawns and plants in accordance with Thomas County regulations. Our fines are expensive.

·    Sugar Mill Enterprises, LLC assumes no liability for accidents, injuries or loss or damage from any cause.

·    Golf carts and bicycles must have lights for night operation.


Your driving speed is limited to 10 M.P.H. in the park. Please respect the safety of others as you drive at all times. Safety is no accident.